1. "Dammit, Wade! I told you it would trigger my web shooter. And what do you mean it’s going on tumblr?"

    "You’ll see, Spidey!"

    You can’t tell me Wade doesn’t make Peter do this; they’re such nerds.

  2. Yay~ Here’s the speedpaint of Armin ouo

  3. My baby’s all grown up and murdering for the greater good quq I just want to give him a hug.

    Speedpaint for this coming soon ouob

  4. Before I do any Game Grumps or Steam Train animated, I figured I’d familiarize myself with the guys.

  5. Mythical ladies! I like drawing the pin up face sometimes so I can focus more on other things.

  6. Watching FIFA and Regular Show is pretty good for art block.

  7. So I started watching “Dude, That’s My Ghost!” and I just…

  8. Color palette fairy, yay~I was going to make this a speedpaint, but, of course, the screen recorder didn’t work ;;v;;

    Also, found the palette at http://www.colourpod.com/

  9. Doctor Who en Bleu

    For a friend, and wowee blue is awesome.

  10. "Wwhat do you mean, asshole?"

    Trying out my new tablet (ahfsjkashkj it’s awesome). Also the square brush is my new best friend.